Isn't this a great way to recycle used property? These items may have been posted on Craigs-List and/or on Drews-List (a Whidbey Island service).

See Something you want to know more about call: 323-364-5373

Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Glass Set 1995 - Champagne

This is a collectors set with 2 glasses, full unopened bottle, box, and trimmings all original.

Box measures 16 x 14 x 4.25 inches.

The champagne has been described as:
"A blend of approximately half Chardonnay and half Pinot Noir with small amounts of Pinot Meunier, this crystal bright Champagne is elegant and distinctive, opening with aromas of fresh pineapple and grapefruit, warming into complex scents of pear and ending with wood and leather notes."  Note: I do not drink so I will have take this reviewer's word on it.

If you can even find this year I suspect the bottle will be empty. Give your lover a unforgettable gift this year.

We are asking: $115 Let me know what you think

Ask for Miles or Margaret 206-364-7662 or send me an email.

Vintage Phono Trix Model 2

Phono Trix Model 2 Portable Tape Recorder (1959) 

This is an amazing piece of history. It appears to be in fine condition and has all known parts, including case, recorder, 2 reels, microphone, and additional carry leather. The original carry leather has aged and is not fully perfect. I have not powered it up and suspect it could benefit from a lubrication service. 
This is a Mad Men type secret agent super cool gadget.

Here is a link of a person providing a complete description of a similar recorder, I think mine is in better condition:

Here is a YouTube video showing the operation of a very similar recorder (main difference is the case):

I am asking only $60

Call or email Miles 206-364-7662.

I can provide you with many more pictures if you need. I have pictures of the interior battery compartment which does show some corrosion of contacts, you will need to clean up that before applying power.

Engineers Data Book 1913

Engineers Year Book 1913
I discovered this amazing Engineers data book in a box. I could not even find something like it on any vintage sales sites. The cover has some damage but the interior is amazing. If you know someone that likes to build, repair, or analyze this book will be a unique and treasured gift.

I am asking only $20 

Call me or send an email - Miles 206-364-7662.

More photo's available on request.

Vintage MAHOGANY DINING TABLE (105th & 3rd Ave NW)

Nice looking, Used Condition with few minor scratches, Appears to be Original Finish!

Table (double pedestal 3 legs each)
2 inserts
Felt covering pad for every day dining.

Measures 40"" x 64"
Inserts measure: 17.5" x 40"

This is a remarkable piece for any home, can I say Breathtaking?

We are asking only $497.94

Send an email or call and ask for Margaret 206-364-7662.

NOTE: Sorry, chairs are not included - they are not for sale at this time.


~~Extremely rare~~ Asking only $275.00


It depicts a black boy with reins riding in an ostrich-driven cart. Notice the cargo area with rear mail slot and designs of mail & horns on the side. 

Measures approx. 7.5" in length x 1.75"x 4.75"

Has wear from use, some oxidation, and age. Toy appears to have all the mechanisms with exception of possible piece on spinning element & reins are gone - which were fabric or string. Currently is not in working condition. Selling as best described. See pictures - more available on request.

Made in Germany 1889-1918

Ask for Miles 206-364-7662

A amazing addition to any toy collection! Notice the design is similar but entirely different from items sold on eBay. This particular item is nowhere to be found except here! This toy has reddish cart the ones being sold on eBay are yellow - thus this is harder to find.

I do not see the Lehmann stamp on the toy, however, the toy is mentioned on a site devoted to this collection.On yjat site the following is the description of this toy"
"Made from 1889 to 1918 in Germany by Lehmann (designated EPL 170) this toy, with a mail slot on the top and envelope insignia on the side, shows an African boy riding on a two-wheeled mail cart being pulled by an ostrich. The toy moves forward by string drive as the boy guides the ostrich with reins and a whip in his hands. This is the all red version.

This toy is shown with a scarce early box that names the toy “Going to the Fair.” This was either a translation error or an early designation of this toy. The “spindle press” trademark dates this toy to 1889.

Here is the Lehmann Link:
Lehmann Link Click Here

Please note this toy being offered does not have the box - sadly.

Here is the ebay link:

Player Piano Music Rolls $3 each

We have 40 player piano music rolls from Klavier & QRS. We are listing them for $45 for all of the music, or $3.00 each.

We would love to sell them in a single transaction, you can save money, give us an offer.

Call Margaret 206-364-7662

Here is a list of the titles:

K=Kiavier Q=QRS
Part#     Music Roll Description
K 3140 Camelot Medley
Q 1903 Dulcina
K 1101 Shine On Harvest Moon
K 1696 People
K 1657 Nola

K 1524 Muskrat Ramble
K 1626 Siboney (SE-BO-NAY)
Q 10-518 The Entertainer (The Sting)
K 1919 With A Song In My Heart

Q 10-375 For Once In My Life

K 1752 Edelweiss
K 1023 Tenderly
Q 1220 Alice Blue Gown
K 1122 Yes Sir That's My Baby
K 1702 The Hanukkah Song

K 1424 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
K 1362 Wukkin' On De Railroad
K 1030 For Me And My Gal
K 1930 Paper Doll
K 1484 Music. Music, Music.

K 1833 Latin Rhythm 
Q 4916 When It's springtime In The Rockies
K 1172 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Q 1890 Put On A Happy Face
K 1811 Strangers In The Night

K 1073 Darktown Strutters Ball
Q 100-090 Somewhere My Love
K 1819 Spanish Eyes
K 1087 Zing Went The String Of My Heart
K 1546 Malaguena

K 1550 The Man I Love
K 1895 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
K 1576 Meet Me In St. Louis
K 1995 Wichita Lineman
Q 1220 Alice Blue Gown

Q 9553A Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
K 1903 Dulcinea
K 2029 I Don't Know How To Love Him
K 2026 What HAVE They Done To My Song Ma
Q 184 The Old Piano Roll Blues

Q 1890 Put On A Happy Face

French marble top butcher scale from Lyon

We are selling a family heirloom for $200, It was used by Butchers & Grocers. The scale has not been restored but still works. Included are 3 brass weights. Let us know what you think.

"usine de le mulatiere." We estimate Circa 1910. 8 3/4"h x 25 5/8"l x 11"d 
Has name LYON inside scale indicator glass.

We brought this from Montevideo, Uruguay decades ago. 

For more pictures goto this listing:

Ask for Margaret 206-364-7662

Check out this video:

Anheuser Busch Corkscrew Pocket Knife Vintage

Vintage Anheuser-Busch pocket knife. $125 or make fair offer.

Includes two blades, corkscrew (curved blade, straight blade). Silver pattern designed handle measures 3.25.'' One side reads ''Anheuser Busch St. Louis,'' reverse features the trademark ''eagle in A'' logo, which marks it as an older knife. 

Logos clearly visible. Blades are good to fair. Overall, good condition. Photo's show condition of knives. Stanhope lens is missing.

Ask for Margaret 206-364-7662.

For more photo's goto:

To compare value look at this 2007 auction:

Check out this video:

Antique Glass Insulators

We have 13 glass insulators for sale, all the same type as shown in picture.

We are asking $3 each, or $20 for the entire set. If you want them please call us and make an offer.

Location 105th & 3rd NW Seattle, call for specifics.

Margaret 206-364-7662

Check out this video